Datatility's "White Glove Service"

Datatility understands that most IT departments are very busy and usually do not have the time to perform the "easy, point and click" setups associated with new products or services.

At Datatility, we do all the work, so you don’t have to lift a finger.

Our white glove service starts with having senior technicians handle all new setups and implementations. So if there are any issues or questions, you’ll never have to suffer through a long and fruitless conversation with a junior-level technician.

When you call Datatility, you’ll get the same technician that installed your data storage solution and will provide you answers without hesitation. And anytime issues arise, we’re ready to address them no matter the time — we’re at your service 24/7/365.

Our white glove approach also extends to the rest of our team. That means no long waits for return emails, unanswered voicemails and on hold. We pride ourselves on reacting quickly and effectively every time you call. It’s no surprise why Datatility has such an incredibly low customer turnover rate.

Around-the-Clock Customer Support

The Datatility Network Operations Center (NOC) never shuts down and is available every day, every hour and every minute of the year. You can reach a NOC representative by calling 877-585-4678 or by email at NOC personnel can assist with any issues related to any Datatility service.

Onsite Data Center Support

Datatility can provide Intellihands onsite data support for services from a simple reboot to a substantial migration project (including rack and stack). Datatility offers onsite services in all the Equinix data centers in Northern Virginia.

Sales Support

For any information concerning our products and services, please Contact Datatility or call 877-585-4678.