A Single Solution to Address Your Cloud Connectivity Concerns

DCX Addresses the challenges of…

The migration of IT services to the Cloud has created many challenges for organizations insofar as Cloud network connectivity. The Datatility Cloud Exchange (DCX) enables organizations a simple, reliable and cost effective solution for connectivity of headquarters, remote offices, and customers.

A large Washington D.C. based law firm, with over 1000 users in their main office desired to move a portion of their IT operations to the Cloud. Datatility and its DCX provided the solution. The law firm moved its equipment into a managed colocation solution with Datatility; new point-to-point networks were provisioned between their headquarters and remote DR location; everything was seamlessly connected to the Cloud thru Datatility Cloud. Datatility provided cloud network configuration and maintains a 24 / 7 monitoring of all Cloud circuits.

The benefits realized by the law firm included increased end-user experience, faster network performance, and lower Cloud transit costs.