Hydra: The Power of Cloud Storage

The need for data storage is growing at a staggering rate. So are the concerns on how to manage these data demands — especially to reduce operating costs and increase security.

As a trusted partner and provider to many large enterprises and tech companies Datatility offers big data storage solutions through its Hydra Cloud, a unique multifunctional cloud-based storage solution that is geographically dispersed in three separate locations.

Utilizing the Hydra Cloud, which is based upon state of the art Object Based Storage, Datatility has assembled a suite of data storage solutions. We address issues such as backup, file, sync, and share, and multi-site world-wide access to data for large enterprises. We look forward to hearing of your requirements to determine if the Hydra Cloud is a fit for your organization.

Hydra Cloud: The Details

Hydra is comprised of best-in-class object based storage, cloud gateways and networks that provide secure, reliable and cost-effective ways to store and protect your data and business at all times — regardless of what disasters happens inside or outside your company.

Named after the mythical multi-headed Greek creature that for each head cut off would grow two more, Hydra Cloud was created to be powerful, secure and resilient. Lose local data, a network connection or any other component and Hydra Cloud’s redundancy and geo-dispersed locations in three data centers in Northern Virginia and Chicago ensure your data can be accessed at all times

Hydra Cloud is powered by Cleversafe’s object storage technology. Cleversafe is the recognized leader in object storage. It is utilized extensively by U.S. government agencies. It is also used by many large enterprises including Shutterfly (over 100 Petabytes), multiple cable, media and financial companies for movie delivery and large data storage.

Our platform delivers unprecedented scale as well as carrier-grade security, up to 12 nines of availability and unprecedented cost efficiency. Hydra's powerful combination of infrastructure and platform services addresses the exponentially growing need for data storage within all types of organizations.

The Benefits of the Hydra Private Cloud

The Benefits of the Hydra Private Cloud

Ultimate Security

Hydra Cloud features Cleversafe’s Secureslice™ keyless encryption that combines information dispersal across “slices” of data to preserve data confidentiality and integrity. Plus, may also be secured using AES 256/SHA 256 encryption thru our gateway devices

Greater Reliability

Data is sliced into objects and then dispersed into three Tier 3+ datacenters. This process ensures 100% uptime and that your data will always be available to you even in the unlikely event that multiple servers or even a data center goes down. This is a significant advantage over other cloud based data providers that rely upon single datacenters in one zone.

Geo-Diverse Locations

The Hydra storage nodes are located in multiple Tier One Data Centers to ensure your data is always available in the event that there is an issue with any of the locations. When your remote offices utilize our backup or file share gateways, Hydra Cloud’s global load balancing system will ensure that data is accessed from the closest location  

Limitless Scalability

To store and manage big data at the multiple terabytes and petabyte levels and beyond requires an architecture that can scale. With no centralized servers, Hydra Cloud can scale capacity and performance independently and create vaults of nearly unlimited size for your organization.

Fail-Safe Network Optimization

Latency for a network connection? A drive fails on a storage node? A data center is unavailable due to routine maintenance? The Cleversafe-powered architecture can deliver scalable, reliable, secure storage every time even with these conditions. Plus, Hydra Cloud’s object storage enables data mobility, scalability and storage efficiency that is crucial for limitless scale storage.

Cloud Gateways

Datatility’s Hydra Cloud is compatible with multiple cloud gateways. Datatility has researched and selected best in class gateways that enables broad functionality.

Direct Write/Read via API – customize your requirements directly into Hydra Cloud


NAS attached local backup and a copy to the Hydra Cloud; cost effective and simple to use collaboration, Company-wide File, sync and share with security and functionality not present in Dropbox or other similar retail products.

Active Archiving

Move little accessed data off your primary SAN or NAS to the Hydra Cloud. Easily accessed via active directory and saves thousands versus buying additional primary storage.

Global File Sharing

Enables companies with offices located around the country or nearly anywhere in the world to share files in the Cloud. Global File Locking, Backups and the power of the Microsoft Cloud.