Gain Fast, Consisten and Reliable Network and Application Performance

Moving to the cloud offers significant benefits, such as reduced costs, improved performance and increased agility. However, taking advantage of these benefits means accepting a number of digital business challenges, including poor Quality of Experience (QoE), degraded application performance, distributed users and applications, and security risks.

Addressing the performance needs of on-premises and cloud applications requires a different kind of network—one that is robust, secure, distributed and intuitive.  Additionally, enterprises must locate data and analytics close to the edge to deliver high-throughput, low-latency interaction between mission-critical data and cloud-based resources.

Network Performance HUB: The Details

Push the “easy button” for edge-to-edge cloud connectivity

Datatility gives you the ability to efficiently deploy resources at the digital edge, closest to your end-users, enabling a whole new level of global network performance. By deploying on Platform Equinix™, you can securely deploy, directly connect and effectively scale your digital infrastructure where everything is within reach.

Datatility, along with NetCraftsmen, designs, provisions and manages an edge-to-edge network between your organization, an Equinix data center, or a remote location to 1,600+ network and 2,750+ cloud and IT service providers, including AWS, Azure, Softlayer, Google and Oracle.

Joint Solution

Primary use cases for joint solution

Enterprises can deploy the Equinix and Datatility solution to optimize application performance for these typical use cases:

Direct and private connectivity to public clouds–Increase bandwidth, ensure low-latency connectivity and bypass the shared public internet

Hybrid cloud deployments–Being closer to cloud services and users through a private and direct link opens up new possibilities for high-performance hybrid cloud computing

Next-generation WAN architecture–Carrier-neutral data centers offer a choice of networks, IT service providers, cloud platforms and locations worldwide

Improved and consistent application QoE and policy–Improve QoE with better application and network performance and boost security when you enact consistent policies to control who can access what, how, where and when.



  • Reduce bandwidth costs by 40%
  • Gain a shared or dedicated platform
  • Improve WAN performance
  • Gain 65% faster web server response times
  • Run SharePoint 39% faster
  • Improve VDI launch times by 40%
  • Lower network latency for video streaming by 47
  • Data Security and Data Sovereignty
  • Protection-Level Performance for Hybrid Cloud
  • Multicloud Agility and Choice
  • Thriving Ecosystems