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With DCX your organization can expect a fully managed multi-Cloud connectivity solution that optimizes all aspects of the Cloud for your clients, associates and stakeholders. 

Datatility:  DCX to

Oracle Cloud Platform



Customer: US Silica

Case Study: DCX to Oracle Cloud Platfom


A leading Oracle consulting company required that one of its clients be connected to  Oracle Cloud Platform. The client, a publicly traded enterprise, provides materials to the mining and oil industry.  They had to be connected within two weeks. However, they were located in a data center in Sterling, Virginia where connectivity into OCP (Oracle Cloud Platform) was not available.  Standard provisioning time of 90 to 120 days for cloud connectivity was not acceptable. 


Datatility, an Equinix partner, was recommended to to the integrator. The requirements of the connectivity were discussed as well as the very short time frame to architect and provision the service. Datatility explained that their DCX (Datatility Cloud Exchange) would provide OCP connectivity as well as options to connect to any other major cloud provider or partner within the Equinix Ecosystem. 


The solution was thoroughly designed and architected. Proposals and contracts were drawn up and executed. The connection to OCP was implemented in less than two weeks from initial introduction to full provisioning. 


The director of consulting at the integrator said he had never had a connectivity project work as swiftly and smoothly as had the Datatility DCX solution.


James Tansey, President of Datatility gave credit to Datatility sales and solutions architect team for enabling the whole project to be implemented in a timely and flawless fashion. 


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